Learning Corner

Welcome to the Learning Corner.  Chances are that you are searching for some strategies to help your little one speak and communicate.  Below you will find links to some of our print resources.  Our goal is to help you help your child become a more successful language learner and communicator.

These posts and links are intended to help you work with your child and are for educational purposes.  Information provided is not intended to be a replacement for assessment or intervention from a licensed speech – language pathologist or other professional.  If you have specific speech or language concerns, it is recommended that you contact me directly at andrea@blueheronspeech.com or call 250–618–9135.

If there is something you are looking for that doesn’t seem to be on our website or Facebook page, please feel free to email me at: andrea@blueheronspeech.com.

Let the learning begin….

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This page and website are for the purposes of general strategies and services.  Strategies are provided for education purposes only; direct contact with a Speech-Language Pathologist is strongly recommended if you have concerns about an individuals speech or language.